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Premium Slingshot Rentals Year Round.

Rent an Automatic or Manual Slingshot.

Take a Self-Guided Tour of Dallas-Fort Worth

Create Your Own Slingshot Adventure.

Professional Service

⚐ Friendly & Knowledgeable Rental Team.

⚐ No Hassle Checkout Process.

Slingshots are Clean & Ready to Ride.

⚐ Assistance with Mirrors & Device Connection.

⚐ Pre-Rental Informational Video & In-Person Overview.

Premium Rentals

Play Music with Bluetooth/USB Connections.

Keep your eyes on the road with steering wheel controls.

7" Infotainment system makes navigation a breeze.

Upgrade to LED lights & own the night.

The Digital Dash keeps you in the know.

Convenient Options

Lockable storage for helmets, purses, backpacks, groceries, & gifts! 

Keyless start allows you to keep your keys in your pocket so you never lose them! 

Enjoy the Sun or choose a Sling-Shade Top!

Upgrade to a Slingshot with LED Lights.

Performance bucket seats for a comfortable ride!

Slingshot Your Stay!

Be the center of attention as you tour the Metroplex!

⚐ Boogie down to Dallas

⚐ Two-step through Fort Worth

Entertain yourself in Arlington

We offer delivery & pick-up options to make the most out of your stay in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Your #1 Stop For Slingshots

⚐ New Models & Color-ways 

⚐ Industry Leading Damage Coverage

Unlimited Mileage & Distance

Planned Tours & Experiences

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