Slingshot Rental Information

General Rates (not including tax)
To reserve a Slingshot online or over the phone a pre-payment of $50-80 will be required
2 Hours (Day Rental)

Try it out and extend your ride! 

4 Hours (Day Rental)
  • Great for Photo Shoots with New Slingshots
  • Unlimited Miles
  • Return Slingshot rental the Same Day or Call to Extend.
10 Hour (Day or Overnight)
  • Day Rentals must return by Closing (9 PM) 
  • Overnight Rentals MUST Return by 8 AM
  • Unlimited Miles
  • MUST Pick up at 10 AM or 8 PM (for overnight)
1 Day (24 Hours)
  • Unlimited Miles
  • Worry Free Overnight Rental
  • Return in 24 Hours or Call to Extend.
2 Days (48 Hours)
  • Unlimited Miles
  • Perfect for a weekend get-aways
  • True Slingshot experience!
  • Return in 48 hours
  • Insurance Provided
3 Days (72 Hours)
  • Unlimited Miles
  • Ultimate Slingshot Experience
  • Great For Vacationers
  • Ask about our delivery options
  • Return in 72 Hours
  • Insurance Provided
4 Days (96 Hours)
  • Perfect for Tourists
  • Insurance Provided (Standard or Premium)
  • Ask about our delivery options.
Rental Options & Requirements
Damage Waiver (Required)
  • Rental insurance is $15 per RIDE. To protect our valued riders, we require purchase of our Damage Waiver coverage incase of an accident. 
Refundable Deposit (Required)

A refundable deposit is required for all renters. The deposit amount may vary

  • Polaris Adventures Member
    • No Deposit Required
  • 25 or Older
    • $ 300
  • 21 - 24 years old
    • $ 500

Deposits are returned after a complete inspection of the Slingshot and takes 12-24 Hours to be released. Note: It may take 3-7 business days for hold to be released by credit/debit card.

Fuel (Required)
  • Fuel is required; You must bring the Slingshot back at the same gas level from check-out.
LED Lights (Limited Availability)

Enjoy multicolor LED under glow lighting. Book Early to Light it up in your Slingshot!

Delivery / Pickup

Delivery is available for the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex on a case by case basis and is not guaranteed even if selected online.

Here are the things we take into consideration:

  • Date & Time of Rental
  • Destination Location
  • Availability 
  • General Rates
    • 5 - 15 miles - $50
    • 16 - 30 miles - $100
    • 31 - 45 miles - $150
    • 46 - 60 miles - $200

Longer distances will need further review.

  • Is this a special occasion or corporate event? Contact us for a quote.
Groups (3+ Slingshots)

Contact us for a custom discount code if your party consist of 3 or more Slingshot rentals. 

Each rider will need to book their Slingshot separately online or over the phone with their parties booking and discount information. 

Corporate Event/Team Building

Please contact us at 469-829-1776 or email your request to [email protected]

Toll Tag Pass

Purchase a toll pass for your trip. 

Our Slingshots toll usage is monitored daily. Unauthorized Toll use without authorization may result in a $25 administrative fee + toll cost.

Prepaid Fuel

Save time and prepay for your fuel. With purchase you can bring the Slingshot back at any fuel level. This is helpful if you have a flight to catch or in a rush before return time!

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